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35 Piece Poster Paint Set

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  • Mega Set: Each set includes 40-page A4 coloured paper, 7 mixed paint brushes,3 sponge dabbers, 6 X 20 ml poster paints, 4 paint tubes, and 12 watercolour paints.
  • Ideal for Classroom: This is the perfect item to bring into any nursery, day-care, or classroom! Having a tool like this in the play area helps children freely express themselves and learn to cooperate and share with peers, further enriching their growth and development.
  • Endless Creativity: This set enhances children’s creativity and helps them develop motor skills and explore the depths of their imagination for arts and crafts.
  • Safe and Non-toxic: Our set is safe for the use of children that are three years and above.
  • Gifts Ideas: Surprize your beloved ones on their birthdays or Christmas or Easter with this 35-piece poster paint set. Let the celebration begins.