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14 Piece Poster Paint Set With 2 Brushes

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  • Perfect Painting Package: Each set contains 12 paints in assorted colours, as well as 2 painting brushes.
  • Art and Craft Essentials: Paints are perfect for crafts, posters, school projects, ornaments, bookmarks, notebooks, gifts, scrapbooks, and picture frames. Paints are suitable for paper, cloth, craft, and cardboards.
  • Magnificent Colours: Paints come in various colours. Choose between Red, Orange, Black. White, Yellow, Pink, Lime, Brown, Blue, Dark Green, Green, and Navy.  Mix and match multiple colours to create unique colour combinations.
  • Easy to Clean: The high-quality paints are washable and safe to use on a variety of surfaces; simply use warm water and soap or wipes to clean.
  • Safe and non-toxic: Our paints are safe for the use of children for the ages of three and above.