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Santa Claus Advent Traditional Nativity Calendar Gift Holiday Card Envelope

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  • CHRISTMAS ADVENT LETTER: The annual letter delivers the holidays hopeful wishes, brings out the season of joy with it. This X-mas ornament represents the cheerful holiday spirit, and creates a fun atmosphere from the start of December till Christmas eve. 
  • SANTA CLAUS IS HERE: The yearly gift envelope is themed after the one and only Santa Claus. The colorful card cover resembles the holy jolly Santa Claus delivering daily gifts for 24 days. This holiday décor brings out the youthful innocence of every child and adult. 
  • TRADITIONAL ENVELOPES: This Santa seasonal envelope is a heritage passed down for centuries. The letter massages represent the holidays value. The winter themed advent envelope includes images of all Christmas related stories such as reindeers, snowmen, Santa's little helpers, and much more. 
  • EDUCATIONAL HOLIDAY DECORATION: The advent anniversary envelope is an ideal educational item for the winter break. This picture letter tells the folklore of the eventful holiday story. The envelope encourages children to learn in a fun way. 
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR FAMILY: The Santa advent envelope is an ideal message item during December. This Christmas envelope creates a warm atmosphere for the family and loved ones. The traditional accessory makes waiting for Christmas eve much more fun and easier.