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Pin the tail on the Donkey Game – Boys – Girls – Colorful Donkey Tail Game with Blindfold and Tail – 12,20,30,40 Players

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  • Long Lasting Laughs: Enjoy several hours of joy with this colorful fun game. Challenge your friends to pin the tail on the cute donkey poster at any indoors or outdoors event, and enjoy the long-lasting laughs.
  • High Quality Experience: This amusing game comes with a high-quality A1 donkey poster and 12,20,30 or 40 donkey tail stickers to group play. The tails are made from high quality material, making your experience an effortless and enjoyable one.
  • Customizable Game: To make it more customizable, write your name on the donkey tale, and hide your eyes using one of the 12,20,30 or 40 comfy high-quality star eye mask. This fashionable eye mask suits all tastes and ages.
  • Classic Easy Party Game: When playing, let your guests wear the blindfold and try to pin the donkey’s tale in the right place. Master this game by playing it several times with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy it during Gatherings: This game is a must have for your entertainment game nights, parties, and gatherings. Share it with your family, friends and precious ones from all age ranges.