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6 Plastic Snowman Christmas Cookie Cutters – Christmas Themed Cookie Cutters

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  • Widen your Imagination: Enjoy beautifully designed cookies using these cookie cutters. Coming in 6 different designs, these cutters provide a chance for your imagination to expand and become even more creative. Use them for your cookies, sugar paste, dough and clay.
  • Snowman Cutter: Starting with the snowman, its 7cmm x 5cm size makes it perfect for cutting and carrying around. Similarly, for the mitten and bell utters that come in 7cm x 6cm sizes. Go creative with these cutters with your kids, nieces, nephews, and your precious ones.
  • Warm House: No house is a warm house without gingerbread cookies. Their 6.5cm x 5.5 cm dimensions make them the ultimate choice for a cookie decorating night with your little ones. Unleash your creativity while designing your gingerbread cookies.
  • Christmas Tree Cutter: The tree cutter is a great addition to your collection, where the Christmas tree is one of the main elements of Christmas. Design these cookies and enjoy them beside your Christmas tree.
  • Pleasant Experience: The final cutter is the 7cm x 4cm candy cane shaped cutter. Enjoy the smell of cookies and the beautiful designs you’ll get by using these cutters. Appreciate the warmth of such moments, and live them ultimately.