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9 Piece Clay Dough Rainbow Cake Toppers - Colorful Not Edible Rainbow Cake Toppers

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  • Colourful Toppers: These lovely rainbow cake toppers consist of various colours including pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green, and other joyful colors. The colorful rainbow shapes are made of soft clay dough making them non-toxic, not edible and safe.
  • Source of Glee: The glowing rainbow shape will catch everyone’s eyes, create an amusing atmosphere and lighten people’s faces with glee. Add this pleasing touch to your special cakes, and enjoy them with your precious ones.
  • Sophisticated Choice: The small size of the rainbows (1.5 cm-3 cm) adds a sophisticated touch to your cakes. Embrace your inner child by adding these high-quality rainbow cake toppers.
  • Eye-Catching Addition: The 9 flawless cake toppers are a must have for any baking and designing enthusiast. They add an eye-catching element to your cakes, and unleash your creativity during your gatherings.
  • For Multi-Occasions: These cake toppers are suitable for birthday parties, gatherings, rainbow themed parties, unicorn parties, or your everyday cakes. Enjoy your pretty cakes with your kids and precious ones.