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14 Piece Rainbow & Unicorn Cake Toppers – Clay and Resin Rainbow Toppers

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  • Colourful Touch: To add great happiness and a colourful touch to your parties and gatherings, use these 14-piece high quality rainbow and unicorn cake toppers.
  • Unique Addition: Unicorns and rainbows are the perfect accessories for any age! These beautiful toppers will make your events much more unique.
  • Ultimate Choice: The rainbow is made from high quality clay dough, and the unicorns are made from high quality resin, which makes them the ultimate choice for reusable cake toppers. To make your experience much easier, the rainbow comes with supporting sticks to use on your cake.
  • Key to Creativity: The rainbows (14cm x 9cm) and the unicorns (4cm x 3cm) are your way to an exquisite DIY cake. With the simple designing techniques, your cake will unleash your hidden talents.
  • One of a Kind Experience: These cake toppers are ideal for designing a cute cake with your kids and family. Easily assembled cake toppers can be used to create a fun atmosphere with your children and the little ones.