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Rainbow & 3 x Unicorn Air Fill Foil Balloons

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  • Perfect Size: Each package includes one Rainbow balloon and three Unicorn balloons. Each Unicorn foil balloon is 33 cm× 24 cm which makes it easy to use. The Rainbow balloon size is 64 cm× 38 cm.
  • Simple: Anyone can easily inflate these balloons using the blow tube. It can also be filled with helium for a premium look.
  • Magical Design: Each Unicorn balloon has vibrant colours such as pink, orange, gold, and white. The flowers print adds a joyful touch. The rainbow balloon has a dazzling design with smiley clouds.
  • Magnificent Party Decorations: These balloons are suitable for Birthdays, Graduations, School Events, Office Parties and more.
  • Ideal Gift: These balloons are great for balloon bouquet, balloon cluster, and event decoration. Balloons are always perfect gifts to your friends to pamper and surprize them in every occasion.